Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our fun filled weekend!

This weekend Owen and I were being very preppy and attended our first polo match with some friends. It was to support breast cancer awareness so it was a must that Owen where his pink. Andy wasn't to sure about his son leaving the house in a pink shirt but he was going to Baltimore for the weekend with the guys so he didn't have much say. I am pretty sure that even though Owen was sporting his pink he still looked all boy. As you can see he is already chasing the girls :) This is his new girlfriend Chloe. She lives in the same neighborhood and is about 1 month older than Owen. They had a great time playing.

Also this past Tuesday Owen finally received his first tooth! It is crazy how one day there is no tooth then the next morning there it is.

Friday we will be making the trip to Indy for Owen's Baptism and to visit with the family. Wish us luck....we are driving!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Owen is now sitting up. He is very sturdy! I am still not confident enough to leave him alone but that will come with time. I also thought I would show you all a video on his attemps to crawl. I laugh every time he does it, I am sure you will understand why. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Owen is growing up so fast these days. Here is a list of some of the things he has done this month.
1. He can sit on his own for about a minute tops... But propped up with the boppy pillow he is a pro.
2. He is scooting back. He cant quite figure out what to do with his arms. But I see crawling in the near future.
3. He wants to touch, grab, pull, and pinch everything.
4. He has a new best friend...his feet. They can occupy him for at least a half an hour a day.
5. Teething (yuck)...but still no teeth.
6. He is eating 2 meals a day and mommy is still making it all :)

We also made our first trip as a family on an airplane. To be honest I was more worried about Andy than Owen. He was very concerned about the other passengers. Owen did fantastic. A little crying but nothing to bad.
It was a great visit in Indy, although it is never truly enough time to see everyone. It was so nice to be there for my dad's 60th surprise birthday party. We can't wait to go back June 21st for Owen's baptism.

Just this past weekend I had a baby shower for my good friend Kelly who is expectiong little boy in August. It was a beautiful day and she got lots of goodies. I am so excited for her!

We also took Owen to his first winery. I am lucky to know the owners daughters' from my book club so we got to see how the wine was made and also taste a lot of wine. Owen wasn't to interested; he slept most of the time.

All in all May was very busy. Things have finally started to slow down a little for Andy so Owen and I look forward to spending lots of time with him.